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3:25 – Ultraboost PB
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14:08 – Full Adidas Chart

• Adidas Ultraboost PB ($99):

• Adidas Boston 9 ($119):

• Adidas SL20, men’s ($85):
Women’s ($70):

• Adidas Adizero Pro ($180):

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• Nike Pegasus 37, men’s ($120):
Women’s ($120):
Kids ($95):

• Hoka Clifton 6 or 7 (Aug 2020) ($130):


• Hoka Rincon 1 or 2:

• Brooks Hyperion Tempo ($150):

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🔹 In this daily running vlog, you will hear my thoughts on training for 5k running races all the way up to ultra marathons. Also, we will discuss the best running shoes of 2020, and running shoes that are not working in the current calendar year. I’ll do my best to help you find a running shoe that works for your feet and stride. How to find a running shoe is never easy, running shoe stores can be intimidating at times, so I’m here to help!

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50 comentarios en «Adidas Running Shoes 2020 | Favorite RUNNING Shoe for Rotation»
  1. Bought and returned the SL20. Not enough cushioning. But the biggest problem was the height of the toe box. When wearing my toes were trying to poke through it had constant pressure on it, after 6km running it felt like my toes had been stamped on by an elephant. I love the adidas brand but I don't know why all their running shoes have such a low toe box. So frustrating and annoying.

  2. It's been decades since I've run in Adidas until a couple of months ago. I was sent a pair of Adidas Ultraboost 20 to review and I was really impressed. So far I have 175 miles on them and the sole is barely worn. Just ordered a pair of the Adizero pro for spadework and a possible half marathon. Looking forward to getting more Adidas shoes this coming year.

  3. These matrix videos are absolutely awesome but I always get to the same question : do we need to read them taking into account your average pace (which is on the insanish side for mere mortals) ? That way, ultraboost would be ok for everything for 90% of runners 😂.

  4. Brilliant analysis, very helpfull! Seth, what's your take on adidas' running shoes width? Had some issue with Solar Glide being too narrow for my rather wide feet. Is it common for most of the adidas shoes? I would love to have the SL20s, they look dope and everyone's claiming their greatness, so it's like a no-brainer for that price, but I'm still afraid of the insufficient width. Thanks and keep up the good work! Cheers from Europe!

  5. Im a long time Adidas runner and I love that they have started paying attention to lighter shoes geared towards racing and fast training but now Im in the conundrum of trying to decide which shoe to use for what. In the old days it was all about weight and having multiple shoes in the sub 8oz category I guess it comes down to midsole feel. I have the Adios 5, the Boston, the SL20 and the Adios pro and truthfully Id probably go with the SL20 even for racing. The 5 just feels kind of "slappy" to me when running and the Pro feels kind of dead and heavy even though I know weight wise its right there. The SL20 feels hard and stiff at slower paces but it wakes up when you crank it up.

  6. Hi there. I'm very enjoying watching your channel and I certainly agree that SL20, I got spair of those, and that's work great!!!

    Here is one question Seth.

    Is there any good adizero sub2??

  7. Adidas was never on the top of my list but this year I bought 2 pairs and really like them (Adios 5 and SL20), frequently on sale as well which really makes them a good competitor. But the carbon plate versions are quite a let down as I see the reviews, hope they come up with a better version in 2021. All the best for the weekend man!

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