The Adidas Superstar has been culturally relevant for over 50 years now! The Adidas Superstar history stretches back all the way to 1968. It was the first sneaker to have it’s name mentioned in a song. Literally an anthem. Made famous by legendary rap group Run DMC in the 80s, in the modern times the Adidas Superstar is the perfect silhouette for collaborations. In this video we go into detail about the history of the Superstar and where the shoe originated. Enjoy!!


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50 comentarios en «Adidas Superstar: A History of The World's Most Iconic Shoe»
  1. I'm pushing 60 and have worn nothing but Adidas Superstar and Pro models (I always thought both lows and highs were called pro models back in the day) since my first pair of pro models when I was 12 or 13, except when I played in university and we were sponsored by Nike, of course… In the past few years, I mostly see young women wearing them, but I don't care. I wouldn't switch off 'em if they were called the flaming yazoos and were supposedly a bonafide testament to womanhood! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am a big Superstar fan but didn't know the history till your video. Love that you did this. – you have another subscriber and I have watched some of your other videos also. Love it.
    The Superstar is a classic shoe. I don't know why but the shape and the staying lend themselves to such collaborations and design features. For the first time, after having various superstars for over 20 years I just today got my first pair of triple white's. WOW. I cannot believe how they look.
    I think an addiction is starting. 🙃
    Thanks for the vid and I look forward to more.

    Any chance on a vid of the history of the Adidas Gazelle? …..

  3. I’ve owned three pairs of Adidas Superstars during the last 16 years, I used to have a crazy obsession with these sneakers & actually tried to outgrow them but on my recent search for all-white sneakers the best option there was available were Superstars which I ended up buying & wow I’m still amazed at how timeless & special these sneakers til today!

  4. I want the superstar 2G back. The classic superstar will always be awesome but for performance purposes, the superstar 2G was better. They brought the new promodel back, why not the superstar 2G? 🤞🙂

  5. This channel got me into shoe collecting, I never once thought about the origin or cultural impact of shoes but you guys really make it so engrossing! I just copped some of my first Pumas and now I’m eyeing these Superstars and some Stan Smiths 👏🏾

  6. Your videos are so amazing, it’s been 4 hours and I just realized I am watching all of your videos , the music, the editing, the simple and straight forward videos going straight to the point is just so amazing, keep it up

  7. Yo I love the knowledge of the channel, both of you, but music is the jam. I have an idea to pitch to both of you guys is what a few took each iconic shoe that you have reviewed and just call it the nacho tour and possibly do your favorite color ways of each shoe and on top of that maybe reach out to some of those Brands and create your own colorway. I'm just throwing that out there as like something for fellow sneakerheads to be like I got the nacho tour of kicks

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