Nike Vs Adidas Shoes

Nike and Adidas have been the favorite brands of millions of sports fanatics across the world. Both these brands have a long history in the sporting gods industry and have come a long way in terms of technology and innovation. When it comes to Nike vs Adidas shoes the competition is really fierce and both brands have their pros and cons.

Number 1.
Nike was the first company to create and market a running shoe, which means that they have been doing it well for a long time. Obviously, the brand has become extremely popular across the world since then. Nike is a big-budget company, and they can afford to sponsor an eye-popping who’s-who of elite runners (and athletes from all sports). They also have the budget to drive research and innovation and are at the forefront of the carbon plate/maximal midsole controversy.

Number 2.
For running shoes, it’s important to get a fit that is comfortable for you. Even if you technically need “narrow” shoes but a wider one feels better, you should go for that wider shoe because it’s more comfortable.

Number 3.
Depending on the shoe, the knit patterns used vary. For some shoes, there is a tighter weave to give your feet more support. Others have a looser weave that’s more flexible. Adidas also uses lightweight ventilated knit uppers so that your feet are able to breathe and you’re getting a comfortable feel as you pile on the miles. I personally love knitted uppers because they are so comfortable, so you’ll have to see whether Nike or adidas feels better to you.

Number 4.
We’ll set aside the issue of the carbon plates in the midsole for now; this is not a feature of most Nike shoes. For traditional shoes, Nike recently came out with a technology known as Nike React. The idea is that the midsole has plenty of cushioning without having to cut back much on energy return or add a ton of weight.

Number 5.
No matter what running shoe you get from Nike, it will have a durable outsole. Some of their shoes use a thick rubber outsole like the latest version of the Vaporfly 4%. That shoe features deep grooves that help channel water. This means that it’s easier (and safer) to run when it’s wet.

Number 6.
Honestly, you probably will get about the same amount of durability no matter what running shoe brand you pick. One study found that Nike shoes deteriorated just as quickly as adidas shoes.

In the end, you have to answer the question of whether you’d rather have the swoosh or the three stripes. But hopefully, this article has been a good start in terms of giving you things to think about and consider.


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