adidas has partnered with Marvel for a variety of limited edition shoes based on various Marvel characters. I never buy expensive shoes but I saw these Iron Man inspired Harden Vol 3 shoes and I knew I had to check them out. I decided to do an unboxing, but keep in mind that I know nothing about shoes or basketball. I simply love Marvel and my love for Iron Man was great especially after watching Avengers: Endgame. These Harden Vol 3 shoes reflect the look of Iron Man with a nice red with gold color. It says Stark Industries on the back, and there’s even a small Iron Man helmet visible on the shoes as well, which is a nice touch. I am pretty picky about shoes, but to my delight these fit me (I got size 11) and are quite comfortable. So I’m very happy with the purchase and I’d recommend these to any Iron Man fans. Here’s the link to the adidas website where I purchased them:

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  1. Loved Both The Box And the Shoes Themselvs. It's a Must have for Sneaker Heads I think that's what they like to call themselves espiecaly if they happen to be either a MCU Fan a Marvel Fan or a Superhero Fan In general. I also loved how they made the Bottom of the Shoe looks like it's Glowing.

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