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We invited YouTube skate shoe reviewer Christian Flores to try out adidas’ 3ST.004—here are his First Impressions. Adidas 3ST.004 are available in The Canteen now!

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37 comentarios en «See How Adidas's 3ST.004 Shoes Skate | First Impressions»
  1. For everyone who is shocked by the price: the longevity you will get out of these shoes justifies it. I bought a pair on sale for $60 in summer of 2021. I Skate at least once a week, and my shoes are shockingly (with the aide of some shoe goo) still in tact. Ive been skateboarding for about 10 years and these are the best shoes I've ever worn. Just bought another pair for $80, they will probably last me as long as 2 or even 3 other shoes

  2. I currently have this shoe and the truth is that this is one of the most comfortable shoes I have bought lately
    I think this review does not reflect how really good this shoe is.
    The truth is that the price is a bit exaggerated but the result is well reflected in a technical and very comfortable skate shoe.

  3. Such bullshit, another Adidas skate shoe that's pure shit for the price, plus I live in Canada, where guess what? This shoe is 200CAD. But because they're tied to Tyshawn, it's all based on hype, it's just another cupsole with a suede upper. Don't bullshit me with " new technology" I wasted that money only to trash them in not even a month.

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