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This video contains footage from a product in-development, and is not reflective of the final product. Things like gameplay, content, tuning, assets and player ratings may differ in FIFA 22.

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  1. I HAVE to say playing this 10-hours of early access for FIFA 22 I have thoroughly enjoyed.

    Got my club from Championship to Champions League in 3 years and absolutely cannot wait for the 27th so I can continue my progress!

  2. We u get the game proper you should try a veteran team with 3 star rating. This way trading and developing players (what everybody seem to want) will be an important part of the serie. I always give myself 2 parameters: like I can not buy anyone over 75. 77 if I make any European cup. And sell players above 82. 83 when i make the CL. Then add 1 point for every year i get to the CL. Another rule is that i can keep any youth player whatever their rating. This way i often have to make long term plans, and there is a lot of player movement if u do a 4-6 year serie. Like any player reaching 82 having to be sold is awesome, bc all of a sudden your back-up becomes a starter as you are grooming a youth player to eventually be your #1. This also allows for more realistic overall team improvement until you start reaching europe on a regular basis. Otherwise, like every youtubers, u end up with a team full of 90 rated players for every serie you do. I think peeps are ready for some true difficulty and a sense of achievement when u wheel and deal to make your team stronger.

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