Lionel Messi is the greatest player in the history of FC Barcelona. He is not just the club’s top scorer and the player with the most assists, he has also the most trophies. Messi arrived when he was just 13 years old, however now after more than 20 years the beautiful story in Barcelona could come to an end. Let’s go back and enjoy his greatest moments once again!

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36 comentarios en «Lionel Messi = FC Barcelona | Official Tribute»
  1. crazy how we had 2 GOAT's at one time CR7 and LM10 both undeniably the best of all time not gonna share my opinion on who better cuz i dont want these rats to start being dumbass hoes in the replies but man i will definitely cry when they retire

  2. so sad to watching this video on this day, and remembering he goes now with cry and sadness to be forced leave barca,
    but time must go on
    hope he is happy at PSG, and bring joy and happines from paris to the whole world

  3. Paris i live unbelievible why barca let’s it go.
    Sure i love Messy in Barca.
    Don’t worry for Barca. I m sure. Léo will be back soon.
    Thx for this vidéo and damn for money. I stop to watch foot because All for pay.

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